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  • I noticed that some plugins require the use of a custom field, but this is only assigned per post. Is it possible to actually have a custom field fixed to all posts, but enabled by click a checkbox on or off? Otherwise it seems you have to enter the custom field everytime for each individual post.

    I’m just trying to find an easier, more user friendly way of managing custom fields

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  • excellent question – I am just about to disable and remove all ‘Custom Field’ plugins, etc. because it seems to be a very complicated solution to a non-existant problem! I was looking for a solution more like what you just described…..

    dito…would love to see fixed custom fields also! appreciate any help regarding this problem!

    This post has some good info, but being a few months back i dont know whether or not it’s up-to-date for 1.5

    If anyone makes any break-throughs, post what you did. I’ve been working with two extra fields and getting the data to post to the mysql database right now. I’ll post info if i succeed at all…

    With the help of ColdForged, I have successfully added multiple new inputs that act as custom fields. After i work everything out, i will post a tutorial on the modifications needed.

    I wrote a tutorial on adding custom inputs, located at, if anyone is interested. It is a bit more in-depth than having the existing custom fields remain fixed, but I was unable to accomplish the later task.

    Thank you veeery much amory, I was looking for something like this.

    PS: Could you mark this topic as solved and add some tags like “custom”, “field” and “fixed”?

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