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    I just found your tool für tracking the bossprogression.
    I’ve been looking a while now for a similar tool for SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) but couldn’t find one :-(. I know it’s the competitive game, but is it possible to convert or adapt your tool, to suit our needs??

    Sry that I write it at this point, but I didn’t find a PM function.

    thx in advance for your answer (and your patience that I’m not talking about WOW 🙂 ).

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  • Plugin Author martinek



    It would be possible, if general structure of raids / dungeons goes like this:

    Expansion 1:
    – Raid 1:
    — Boss 11
    — Boss 12
    — Boss 13
    – Raid 2
    — Boss 21
    — Boss 22
    — Boss 23
    Expansion 2:
    – Raid 3:
    — Boss 31
    — Boss 32
    — Boss 33

    Can you give me some link where I could check what raids/dungeons does SWTOR have? Something like where I could find information about raids.

    Or if you have specific items in mind, let me know. I can guide you what to edit and where to get what you want in the list.

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    Thx 4 your answer.
    It’s really sad, but BioWare did never update ther Operations Website. But it was crap anyway 🙁

    The only overview I can give you is from our guildwebsite, where we put them into a table to view it for our members.
    Overview NLC

    In the header we implemented a short overview as well (like a really simple widget in WordPress)

    I think it will be quite difficult, because the structure doesn’t look as you need it :-/

    Plugin Author martinek


    Well, can’t really understand what it says, but I presume it is 8 player mode and 16 player mode. Those two would be done with two separate widgets.
    You could skip the expansion level, if you want, just put in game logo.
    Then raids would be “Ewige Kammer”, “Karrags Palast”, “Explosiver Konflikt”, etc.
    Bosses would be “Vernichtungsdroide XXR-3” etc.
    You can track SM, HM and NM the same way as wow tracks normal, hc and mythic. It would not show as nicely as you have it, with three columns, but you would always see hardest version you killed.

    Something like this:

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    wow that preview looks great!

    about: 8 or 16 Player mode: we mostly just do 8 Player raids at our guild.. so the 16 version would just be a bonus 😉

    ähm.. yes I don’t think we need the expansion level. The Game Logo is perfect!
    yes the raids are (sorted from newest to oldest –> newest at first would be perfect)

    Tempel des Opfers
    Die Wüter
    Abschaum & Verkommenheit (A & V)
    Explosiver Konflikt
    Karragas Palast
    Ewige Kammer

    The Bonusbosses are called:
    Schreckliche Wesenheit (Operation: Asation)
    Hasserfüllte Wesenheit (Operation: Abschaum & Verkommenheit)

    Timerun option would be great (clear – yes/no)

    it would be great to have the possibility for example at “mouse over” that the Operation opens as a Dropdown and the bosses are shown as in your screenshot.

    Standardview in the sidebar (widget) would be closed – with a info “cleard” or 4/5 bosses dead
    an example for the Thing I mean you find HERE (I know they solve it with a mouse over Pop up)

    how would it be possible to add new Raids (with bosses) or edit bosses?
    In SWTOR they also add (some times) “instanced Single Bosses” … would that be possible to add as well?

    I want to thank you again in advance for your work and help.


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    I just wanted to know if I you have any news about the adoption of your tool?!?
    I hope I wasn’t to cheeky with my wishes 😉

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Plugin Author martinek



    I did not forget, just have been busy with some other work.
    I managed to put together a list with little help from some people. I’ll try to finish it up tomorrow and I’ll let you know.

    Hey Martinek!

    no problem .. I was busy too at work.
    That’s great… thx again!

    Plugin Author martinek


    Hey there

    So here is first version of raids for SWTOR:

    Download that and unpack it into your theme folder on your hosting, so it looks like this:

    In settings you should be able to see operations from swtor. I don’t have all the bosses and ops in yet. I think I’m missing some single boss encounters.

    It should look something like this:

    Hey Martinek!

    sry for the delayed answer.
    I already tried the plugin and it works great!
    I would have a view questions/suggetions if I may ask.

    1.) Translation into German if possible (I would help you with that, if you tell me where to write it down)
    2.) legend for the skull symbol (no symbol=Storymode; white=Hardmode; pink=Nightmare f.ex.)
    3.) change MH to NM (Nightmare ^^).. so that the second Admin knows what it means 🙂
    4.) possibility to add new Raids and/or Solobosses in Backend (f. ex. with the new Expansion)
    5.) option for Mouseover or Mouseclick to open the old raids, which are closed at siteload
    6.) option for a Killpic (or is this the “film symbol” below every Bossname?
    7.) textfield for killdate & time – in case of Progression
    8.) tag for “Server First” or/and “World First” (not sooo important – did happen twice I think ^^)

    no matter of the christmas whish list above, you did a fantastic job and I want to thank you again for your help!

    Plugin Author martinek



    Structural changes to plugin are a bit more complicated than creating the content. I’m planning complete rewrite of plugin, but I don’t have time currently. In the rewrite I will consider other games so the things like #3 will be possible there.

    1) Right now plugin does not support language aware boss names. You can translate them by translating their names in the raids.json file I sent you. Names are between double quotes " and they must stay that way. You can change the text as you wish. If you need double quote in name, use \" instead.

    2) I’m not sure where this would fit in the widget. It might go into title when you mouse over boss.

    3) I can’t change this right now. It could be possible after rewrite I mentioned.

    4) Bosses are managed in the raids.json file. There are reasons why I do not want to make them configurable through admin. Main one is consistency and updating. With WoW, when new expansion or patch comes out, I publish update which include most recent changes. That way, everyone using the plugin can just update it and they will get most recent bosses.

    5) Closed raids should open when you click on raid name.

    6) The film symbol is used for kill video. You can put any url into the field and it will show film icon next to boss name with link to that url. This will also work for image, just the icon stays film.

    7) I had this request before. I might do something like this in future update of plugin.

    8) This was not requested yet. I would have to figure out, how to indicate something like that in widget.


    ok I edited the raids.json file with the German names – thx for the tipp!
    I tried it the whole afternoon, till I started from scratch and realized the file doesn’t like ‘ü’ ‘ä’,…
    now it works 🙂

    about the oter points:
    ad 2) you are right – it will fit into the title much better
    ad 3) this change isn’t so important – I just tell the 2nd Admin what to klick 🙂
    ad 4) no problem – I just thought it’s easier for you so you don’t have to update it all the time :).. so if I need more bosses.. I just have to contact you, right?
    ad 5) yes that works – a mod just asked me if it is possible to use mouseover instead of klicking the raidname
    ad 6) cool – I’ll try that out later today
    ad 7) perfect!
    ad 8) well that happens not so often – so no priority about that

    as I said already a view times!
    Thx for your effort and your help making this tool useable for SWTOR.

    Plugin Author martinek


    No problem

    ad 4) Sure, let me know, and I will update it for you. Or if you find someone who can program a little bit, it is not complicated. You just need to add the raid into raids.json. There are some gotchas about json format, but the data itself is pretty straight forward. Only make sure the “tag” value is unique between raids.

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