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  • You can give each answer to a question 1 point, and then categorize the group of questions into different category groups.

    For example, if you wanted to see if the person was more apt to be a teacher, lawyer or doctor, make 3 categories (teacher, doctor, lawyer) and put the questions under each category. Then tally up the scores for each category and the highest scored group would show they would be more inclined to enjoy that type of profession.

    Thank you wisecapt that is a good tip.

    However, would that change the incorrect/correct response?

    Ideally, I would like the quiz taker to be able to click “check” after each question.

    I don’t want it to the explanation to be headed as correct or incorrect. I’d rather it say nothing or More Information, or some such text.

    My goal in the explanation text is to give more information about the question’s topic, not to say whether it is correct, incorrect, or otherwise assess the answer.

    Is there a way to make that happen?

    Use the “Normal” quiz mode feature. when setting up a quiz

    You have the option to HIDE the correct/incorrect message. If you enable the check box “Hide correct- and incorrect message” when configuring the test options in the “Edit Quiz” section, users will not see correct/incorrect messages. If you do not enable this option, then the quiz will show correct/incorrect message at the end of the test.

    One thing you might try, is using the “Hint” feature to display whatever message you want the user to see during the question he/she is answering. The hint button when pressed will display a generic message while the person is answering the question.

    Also you might to use the “free choice” type questions (when editing questions), so that each response in whatever is selected is correct.

    Xeno010 who wrote this program reads the messages on this board about requests users have for his plugin. You might want to give him a donation and request a “Generic message” option that allows this feature, if it is absolutely needed.

    Anybody knows how to disable correct/incorrect message for just one of the questions? If I choose different points for each answer and Single choice for answer type, I got a checkbox to disable correct and incorrect but it doesn’t really work. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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