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  • I’ve noticed that the “Olsen WordPress Theme by CSSIgniter” notice can be disabled via the Customizer. Does this mean that it’s OK to just disable it, even when using the Olsen Light theme for a commercial project?
    I’m asking because I know recommends to leave the theme’s authorship notice untouched; however, in this case, the ability to remove it seems to suggest that it’s OK to do so…

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    Hi there,
    yes, you are free to disable the footer text, even for a commercial project.
    In fact, you can do the same for any theme in the WordPress theme directory (even if they don’t give you the option), as they all are licensed under the GPL.

    The GPL grants you the right to do it, as long as you adhere to the license:

    Having said that, all theme authors would like credit for their work, and while we’d love if you kept the credits, we can’t really force you to keep them 🙂

    You might also want to consider the theme’s Pro version that allows you to easily set any footer text (through a customizer option), without having to edit any files.

    Thanks for the very concise reply!

    I appreciate the effort that goes into creating a free theme, so I’d rather keep the credits line. But when using a theme as a basic framework for a commercial website, I never know when a client might ask to have the line removed, so it’s good to know.
    (My current client, however, seems to be OK with the credits line!)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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