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  • Hi all… I’d love some thoughts from those who have more experience than I do…

    I installed 404 Notifier plugin on a small client’s site maybe a year ago(?) and over the past few weeks only, have noticed a significant number of emails from the plugin. It almost looks like a bot or a hacker is “fishing” for an entry to the site… but the URLs it was coming up with were not correct until now.

    (Eg. it came up with URLs such as: — which look like it’s trying to find a way to gain access but it wasn’t using a wordpress url?)

    This evening, I’ve gotten at least 400 emails from the 404 Notifier, all of them are the same:

    404 Report – a file not found error was registered on your site.

    404 URL:

    Referred by:

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +

    What’s happening? Is this from Bing’s bots for some reason? It seems almost like a brute force thing to me, but that’s not a very educated guess!

    If it looks malicious, what’s your best advice for dealing with it? I’m not sure if it’s gaining entrance, so am reluctant to change passwords or anything….

    I will backup & update everything but this is a late-night issue that I have very little time to deal with. I have the Login Lockdown plugin on the login screen, but I doubt that helps when it comes to a software invasion?

    Huge thanks in advance!

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  • Oh – and using Exploit Scanner plugin brought up hundreds of “potential” issues… but I noticed a vimeo link that seems to be embedded in my online backup file?\
    Google it, it says its a SOPA video….

    Any ideas would be awesome.





    @lins, I don’t find anything malicious for your URL (if it is You may reinstall a fresh copy of the notifier plugin and see if the reported behavior changes.

    Thanks for taking a look @krishna. I ended up with over 1,500 emails from the plugin last night before I decided to switch to rss notifications. So strange.

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