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  • For some reason, I have 6 visitors today but my latest hits table is pretty empty. I’m using the latest version of WordPress and just updated this plugin this morning.

    Also, the “Last Referrers” is so expanded I have to scroll to the right to see the entire thing.

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  • Plugin Author luciole135


    There is no incompatibility, visitors work with PHP 5.3 and higher and with WP 3.2.

    I do not know what the problem is, I tried removing the columns “country” and “language” on my website and on local. The next visit, they had been added automatically…

    So I wonder, maybe some web hosts have disabled the functions of management databases?

    If my web hosts disabled the functions of managing databases then it would have problems with other plugins as well, I guess.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Yes, but why the predefined functions of WordPress did not work ?

    I use WordPress functions and in this case, they have not functioned !

    hmmmm … very confusing … it’s 1.07 a.m. here at my place so off to bed … anyway your plugin is great and really appreciate the help you have given. All is well now, until the next upgrade heheheh …Thank you very much.

    @luc it’s recording again now with no problem
    I looked into statpress.php and found this:

    { if ($wpdb->get_var("SHOW TABLES LIKE '$table_name'") != $table_name)

    Does it mean that it won’t creates new row country and language if there is already table with name dbprefix_statpress exist?

    In my case, I had installed the original statpress version (with those 2 threat_ rows), uninstalled it, and installed your version but your version still uses the original statpress table and with the code above, it will never update the table with the new language and country rows.

    uhm, correction. I meant column, not row 😀

    Plugin Author luciole135


    You’re rigth, it’s my mistake i will make a correction for this, thanks you.

    For now, just go in the “option” page and save the “options” even if you do not change, and this will create the new columns.
    That’s why it creat the new column for me, cause i test all the pages…
    I’m so confused of these error.

    Sorry again.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    I correct these error by adding a version to the datatable “statpress”.

    Please not again…

    All my stats reports 0 from today and yesterday, but I clearly see a whole row of August 22nd (today) visitors and referrers… What’s going on with this plugin??

    Plugin Author luciole135


    I dont understand, i have change only the deprecated WordPress functions, no change in the rest of the code

    Oh cool, you’re the developer? 🙂 Nice to see you here & thanks for the help.

    Not sure, I can see IPs coming in and everything but the stats for today and yesterday are 0 on every row (spiders, visitors, pageviews, etc).

    I wasn’t home yesterday and I’m unsure if I updated it before leaving on Saturday or not. Pretty weird though.

    Any idea? >_<

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Well see, if you have 18 columns :
    – id (the primary key)
    – date
    – time
    – ip
    – urlrequested
    – agent
    – referrer
    – search
    – nation
    – os
    – browser
    – searchengine
    – spider
    – feed
    – user
    – timestamp
    – language VARCHAR(3)
    – country VARCHAR(3)

    I just uninstalled it and going to use Google Analytics from now on. Thanks for the help.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    No problem, this plugin does not make me win a penny of a dollar, only cries of disgruntled users.

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