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  • Louno


    Is it just me or is there more and more wordpress updates ? Ive got like more than a dozen blogs and every time there is an upgrade its really not cool for me… I feel obligated to upgrage because most of the time its because of SECURITY issues…
    This takes quite alot of time, backing up everything installing copying files and all, not something i enjoy doing, plus there is always the FEAR of something not working after the upgrade and if something doesnt work then you need to find ways to fix it and argh…

    I remember before when there were updates, i was like ” Cool ! I want it now !” now im like ” Noooooo not again… argh “

    Wouldnt it be possible to have a “update now” button and everything updates by itself, just like for the plugins ?

    The way I see it, there could be 2 types of wordpress upgrades, security upgrades, which can come out on a daily basis or whatever but are really quick easy fool proof painless to do, they can never messup anything and can be applied with a “quick update” button… And then there could be those more heavy upgrades, with new features and stuff, those could be done manually i dont know, but they have to come out not more than twice per year ( id even say once is more than enough, wordpress is pretty packed with features already so )

    what do you think ?

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  • Len


    In case you didn’t know WordPress 2.7 now has a built in core upgrade feature. When an update is available you just “click the button” as you say.

    If you can install SVN on your server that’s even easier yet.

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