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  • Is it just me, or has no one noticed that when someone posts that they’ve installed and configured this plugin, and it simply doesn’t appear anywhere, that the author never replies.

    Well, this plugin sounded like a great idea, but somehow, based on what I see in this forum, I’m not getting my hopes up about getting it to work.

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  • Yep it doesn’t seem to work and the developer never replies. I guess we all should mark it as “Not working” in latest version of WP

    You should remember that some plugin developers have full lives with demanding jobs, freelance gigs, and rarely even a little fun! I don’t get paid to support this plugin and I have little time to spare for free support.

    This plugin was designed to solve a problem for ME and MY USERS. I make it available since it might just help someone else. There are plenty of other similar plugins that may do a better job and work in your environment. I’m not selling anything here in case you haven’t noticed.

    I totally enjoy helping out if I can, and I occasionally get good bug reports, but remember your expectations are limited by your attitude. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, so I typically don’t fall for trollish-ness, but this appeared to be a good opportunity to state my case.

    So to the problem at hand.. If you aren’t seeing anything in your editor, you should make note of ANY plugin which adds buttons to the editor since they may not be filter-friendly to other plugins. Be ware that WP Super Edit adds three tables to your database (which I detest), but if the tables aren’t initialized you will have issues. Don’t use this plugin with TinyMCE Advanced or other similar plugins since they can cause JS conflicts using the same libraries. I like TinyMCE Advanced, but I needed to deal with finicky users on a multisite system.

    I will note that WP Super Edit is working for me on several WordPress 3.7.1 sites and the TinyMCE Components in use by WP Super Edit were updated August 2013. If you can give more debugging information, I’ll see what I can do.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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