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  • Hi,
    Upgrading to 3.5 broke my site. I’m pretty sure it’s my theme. Until they get an update is it easy or possible to reinstall 3.4.2?


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    You can manually reupload 3.4.2 core files and folders (except for wp-config.php and wp-content) from but because the database was upgraded, there’s no guarantee things will work right.

    Ask your host for a rollback, if one is available, or a database backup, if you want to manually revert to 3.4.2

    Hi, Thanks.

    IF things don’t work right, can I then go back to 3.5 and be where I started? Or am I risking a bigger mess?

    My safer option is to wait and see if my theme developer offers a quick fix….

    thanks for the help.

    Please help! WordPress 3.5 is just a blank white page on my iPod. How do I get back to 3.4.2? Or how long for an update? Please make it easy to switch back when we upgrade.

    I also get problem with upload photos with 3.5.1.
    I have had website zip file of older version from server (lucky), I wonder it is okay for the website to extract zip file of website to cover the moment site. How to do? Who can guide step by step? Thank you!



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    No – it’s not easy. Nor do we recommend it as you would be placing your site at great risk of being hacked. It would be far better to establish & correct the cause of your problems in WordPress 3.5.1.

    Please post your own topic about this.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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