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  • Well, my site is in development, and I don’t have many visitors yet, so it is hard to tell if this plugin is working or not.

    However, from my tests with Opera’s built in browser VPN is that it does not block content on my site. I tried adding the VPNs country on the block list too, and it failed to block. I have it set to block for these pages and visits from the Netherlands currently:

    Earlier in the day I had it set to block other pages mistakenly but seem to be “blocking” the right ones now. It did detect someone else using a proxy earlier in the day that somehow stumbled on my site.

    Maybe, the Opera VPN isn’t programmed in yet to be blocked?
    It did scan those visits via the VPN on Opera as evidence in the uptick shortly after I began testing. Just not sure why they aren’t getting detected as a VPN or proxy.

    I disabled my web Cache plugin Lite speed Cache before testing, so I don’t think that is it. I also have Wordfence installed, not sure if that may conflict and JetPack.
    Anyhow, let me know if there is an easy way to test if it is working well or not.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author rickstermuk


    Hi mrbrightside,

    It does appear to not be working currently on your site, either for Opera VPN or the VPN I use for testing of the plugin (which I know gets blocked on other sites as does Opera which is detected as a VPN accurately by

    You appear to be using a custom login/register pages of Ultimate Member, these do work in general and I am sure you have these pages selected to be blocked in PVB.

    Is litespeed cache still disabled?

    I believe there is a conflict somewhere but it may be a trial and error thing to find out what it is, usually these issues are caused by cache plugins due to the way they work.

    Thread Starter mrbrightside1984


    Hey, thank you for the thoughts and suggestions!

    The good news is that I did get it to work. I first noticed it working after I turned off a Jetpack setting. I think your plugin does conflict with Jetpack, as I had trouble reactivating Jetpack after I shut off the entire plugin for test purposes.

    It also appears to be working on register and login. However, it does not block those pages directly, but rather blocks them from submitting the forms i.e. logging in or registering.

    I first noticed it working actually when I was messing around with I was suddenly unable to access this and it bounced me back to the

    Is it a default setting for this Proxy & VPN blocker to scan this page or is this because I have “Login” enabled to be scanned, which I thought was in reference to my Ultimate Member login. I think I am going to not use the Ultimate Member Login, as it is not very easy to set up 2FA on it.

    It also blocked my normal IP address, which I am not sure why either 1.) Sensitivity setting was set to high (I cranked it up to 25 days yesterday) or 2.) It detected I was messing around with Opera’s VPN yesterday. Which one do you think is the scenario?

    I lowered the sensitivity down to 7 days, but it still flags my IP (probably because it was flagged earlier). I guess I will just have to whitelist it.

    Plugin Author rickstermuk


    Good to hear that it is at least functioning!

    I have not heard of conflicts with jetpack before, I will have to investigate this.

    wp-login is protected by default by PVB, though I am not sure why this was bounced back to /login unless there’s something else going on. It would either bounce you to the default blocked message page or redirect you to your custom blocked page.

    There was recently an issue in the API that may lead to blocking of your own IP address if you manage a lot of WordPress sites from the same IP, it was incorrectly determining that this could be a threat and your risk score would go over 33% and be flagged potentially dangerous. This is perhaps why your own IP has been detected recently.

    Thread Starter mrbrightside1984


    I have determined it wasn’t Jetpack that is preventing it from working.

    It was bouncing back to login because I mistakenly had “Login” listed as Custom Blocked Pages (I misunderstood what list blocked pages verses became the destination).

    I have yet to find out what plugin if stopping it from working on all the other pages however. It works well on wp-login.php at least.
    However, I at least want to get it to work on the registration page, as people can register and actually do everything on my site without ever officially logging in. So the proxy blocker is useless until they log out, since no other pages seem to be working at this time in blocking.

    I’ll keep you posted if I find anything significant out on which plugin is interfering with the blocker.

    Thread Starter mrbrightside1984


    After further test, I have concluded their are no plugin conflicts. I disabled all plugins on my site other than the VPN / proxy blocker one. I added a few sites thinking it would block them, but it still did not block them with no other plugins running.

    Here is my plugin setup:

    It still is correctly blocking wp-login.php which I actually have hidden to be:

    Other than that, it doesn’t block any other page. Maybe it is a conflict with my site’s theme? I’m using one called ControlPC. Not sure how I would test that. I don’t think I am going to change my theme at this point though, but maybe there is some WordPress setting that is blocking it.

    Plugin Author rickstermuk


    I did some testing and it does appear that the theme is the problem as PVB doesn’t block on specified pages with this theme enabled, It appears to have a lot of features so it could be anything really.

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