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  • Every time when I write a post, the XML Sitmap Plugin states that a new sidemap is successfully sended to google.

    But when I used the google webmaster tools for the first time they told me that there is no sidemap for my page. Now I wonder if that are different things?

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  • What that means is that even though the plugin does send the info to Google, it doesn’t actually show the link to your sitemap under Google Webmaster Tools automatically. You have to add it manually to such service & once you do that, it will compare quicker the info it has vs the info receiving from the XML plugin. Hopefully I was clear enough. My english is not very good-looking…

    Does it help to put on link on your homepage to the sitemap so that Google will follow the link anyway?

    no, it doesn’t.

    basically google doesn’t allow you to force it to update it’s results… you can provide help in the form of a sitemap, but that may or may not have any effect on what google indexes, or when it chooses to do that.

    basically, having a sitemap and listing it under webmaster tools is doing the right thing to aid google, but it doesn’t force google to do anything with your pages it wasn’t already going to do anyway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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