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  • I am making a site in MovableType, but I’m thinking of switching to WorldPress. However, I’m not sure that what I want to do is possible in WordPress. It is in MovableType.
    It’s a student union web site. There is (in MT) a blog per society. The sites do not look like blogs; the whole content management is hidden. The point is that society members who don’t know HTML can edit their site anyway. There is an “event” page on each site linked to that site’s (or that blog’s) “event” category. There is also on yet another site (another blog) a global events page in which ALL of the events are displayed. Furthermore, each society president would have a username that only allows them to “see” their own society (blog) in MovableType, so that they can’t edit each other’s data.
    Is is possible to do that in WordPress? From what I’ve seen it’s not possible, but I may be wrong. It may be possible to do that with WordPress’s subcategories, but I don’t see how. So is it possible?

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  • I asked this question. I should have registered first, but the message is no longer annonymous.

    eje211, you could post a link to the present set up.
    I think it is possible, for each society, you will have an author, and by setting author permissions and levels, you can ensure that each cannot edit the other’s page.
    Each author/society can have have their own page, which is the wp page with all articles by that author.
    Do-able, but you might want to do a pilot test first.

    It might possibly need a modest amount of hacking but not necessarily.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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