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  • Hello,

    There is a plugin called cbnet Ping Optimizer which claims to handle pinging better than WordPress and saves the blog from being banned for over-pinging articles, this might happen when articles are updated several times.

    This plugin hasn’t been updated since months. There is no easy way to test and see if this plugin is needed anymore. What i want to know from WordPress core developers or followers is if there is any need for that plugin with the new WordPress version 3.0.1 ? Does the new WordPress address the pinging issues ?


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  • I too would like to know if pinging plugins are needed or if WP3 addresses this issue.

    I three would like to know if ping optimizer is required, though I imagine it doesn’t hurt, so will continue to install it on my sites.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    I am actually of the opinion that most of what’s in the Ping Optimizer plugin is no longer needed.

    I’m working on investigating more thoroughly, but have had little time to do so. I will have a Plugin update out sometime in the future, but likely not before WordPress 3.1 hits (most/all of my WordPress-related time has been taken up with the Theme Review Team).

    I will have a follow-up, though, at some point. In the meantime, @lavalink is correct: it won’t hurt anything. 🙂



    Here is another aspect that WP 3 and the various Ping Optimizer plugins may or may not address concerning the issue at hand.

    Yes I know I should write in draft mode “then” hit publish and no matter how many times I refrain when I finally do I still come back and edit. Ok now that aside here is the issue I would like everyone to consider!

    QUESTION: Most of us use feedburner! I have their “Ping Shot” service activated. Correct me if I am wrong but even if I use one of these Ping Optimizer Plugins (Maxblog’s, Cb Net or Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger) and they shut off my Dashboard’s settings/write ping setting, none the less over at the feed burner site isn’t my rss feed still being updated AND if I have the feedburner’s “Ping Shot” addon service checked then I will still be “Ping Spamming” when I re-edit (update) my published posts!

    Thus (correct me if I am not understanding the ping process) even if I were to literally remove every ping service in my dashboard’s settings/write interface and only paste that list back or one item back say once per week – I would STILL be Ping Spamming since over at FeedBurner’s website their “Ping Shot” service would be set off each time I edit my post (update)!

    Yeah more good questions. I really think that ping spamming should be handled by the WP core, not an addon. Re-editing a post is far from unreasonable. Making it optional to reping after each edit would work well as the problem is sometimes an edit is something trivial like a spelling mistake, and sometimes its adding additional info which would benefit from another ping.

    Anyway, not sure how highlighted this issue is to the people that maintain the core.

    So… do we still need it with 3.1.2?

    I would also like to know if plungins are still necessary with the current version of WP to insure that my sites are no ping spammers.

    Since many use Feedburner, PingFarm etc. what do the “experts” think?

    Should we still be using some sort of plugin or not?

    John Fenley

    i want to know too. Any ideas ???

    The current WP ping service does not prevent spam pinging from posting several edits.

    So I guess a plug is still needed?

    Chip…will you plug work in multisite? I added tried it but I get a notice that the plug was not updated correctly.

    I had this great plugin on a new blog 3 month old!
    The log has more than 1 mill entries…. 🙁 + 🙂 (A lot…)

    Would a feature of LOG limit be on the table?
    How can I delete / limit the log…
    Only directly in the DB ??

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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