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    I installed wp-super-cache and the source code says it’s serving dynamic pages. I checked all the installation steps and FAQs and all the files are there. When I go to Options>WP Super Cache, it reports in Cache Contents that it has cached ten pages in WP-Cache, but zero in WP-Super-Cache. At the top of this page it gives these options:

    WP Cache and Super Cache enabled
    WP Cache and Super Cache disabled
    Super Cache Disabled

    I enabled both in the top choice. This is a brand new install of WP 2.3.1 and I’ve never installed the WP-Cache plugin. What to do?



    EDIT: The site linked in my screen name here isn’t the site with the plugin, I’m building a new site at a new host and it’s not online yet.

    EDIT2: The source code is starting to show the WP-Super-Cache at the bottom, but the Options panel still says no supercache pages.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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