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  • That message just informs you of the possible downsides of using a theme that has not been tested or made compatible with WooCommerce explicitly. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it’s not working.

    The BuddyPress Default Theme is not a theme we have any influence on, unfortunately, but it can be made to work with WooCommerce just fine like any other theme using our guide and custom CSS or other tweaks.

    Like I said, we can’t control the BuddyPress Default Theme and don’t know anything about this specific issue. It’s not a WooCommerce issue, in my opinion, but might be a bug in your styling tweaks or a lack of possible overwrite possibilities in the BuddyPress Default Theme. Have you tried asking this on the BuddyPress support forums?

    Thank you for your reply @coen.

    Just to clarify, what I would like to know from this post is:

    1. Are there any people out there successfully using WooCommerce 2.05 with BuddyPress1.7 Default Theme?

    2. If so, then what (if anything) have other people needed to change in WooCommerce 2.05 and/or BuddyPress1.7 Default Theme to make them compatible? i.e What custom CSS or other tweaks have people needed to do?

    3. Have people come across any blocks to successful inter-compatibility, such as “lack of possible overwrite possibilities in the BuddyPress Default Theme” that @coen suggests above?

    And yes, I am also asking this on the BuddyPress support forum and will report back here too, to help others.

    Many thanks for any help that is offered.

    Hope you can find someone who has already tried this. Please also read our documentation on making a third party theme compatible with WooCommerce.

    Thanks @coen Jacobs

    Yes, I’ve already been following that documentation and am using woocommerce_content() method which works.

    But apart from that the WooCommerce documentation doesn’t seem to give much help for compatibility between WooCommerce and other themes….or am I missing some of your other documents??

    Other than the trick to use the page.php template file from the theme and transform that into a WooCommerce template, there are no real generic tricks that apply to all third party themes. Most comes down to CSS changes after that.

    That’s why we always recommend people in trouble with third party themes, to contact the vendor/developer of the theme, because they know the theme best. There is only so much we can do for third party themes and we’ve described pretty much everything there is to tell in that document.

    As I said before, BuddyPress 1.7 is fairly new, so I don’t think there are many people already working on it – especially not with WooCommerce.

    Thanks for your reply @coen Jacobs.

    That’s a pity you don’t have a bit more information to help people like me who aren’t expert theme developers but still need to learn a bit more about making WooCommerce and a third party theme compatible. Even a few more pages of guidance relating to the particular WooC files to concentrate on to make particular things compatible would probably help a lot of people. Just a suggestion you might like to consider.

    Like I said, it will be very much theme specific to what we can document. We can’t provide documentation for all themes out there, it’s the themes themselves that should be documenting how the integration with WooCommerce works if anything.

    There is no such thing as a default way of making a theme compatible. The document I linked to does as much as we can do, and that solution does work for all markup. The CSS might need some extra tweaking, but that’s the hardest part and is impossible to cover in our documentation due to its theme unique nature.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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