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  1. otis
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi all,

    In a bit of a panic right now. Dumped a lot (LOT!) of hours in to a site is why. I ended up losing my admin password (don't ask haha), no big deal, went in to mysql to change it like usual. BIG PROBLEM, I still can't log in to my site even after I change it. I think since I did the "rename ID1" fix it is causing all kinds of chaos because I've never had a problem before setting passwords at the database level. I even tried changing ID2 back to ID1. Nothing.

    I think ithemes security is intercepting the DB rename and even user creation because even if I create a new user at the DB level I can't even login with that.

    Now I do have a backup but I REALLY don't want to do that at this point. It's not the world's most current backup either.

    Meanwhile I did every "admin password" trick I could find, including running an admin password script on the root. Still can't do it.

    HELLPPPP!!!! :(


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