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  • Ciprian


    I am now a committer, I have added my latest version with fixed fatal errors and some warning. I’ll add more fixes next week and set up a wiki and demo section.

    Nice to hear!

    Byron there are MANY of us who LOVE Photosmash! It’s the most straightforward and elegant solution to the user gallery need. Unfortunately the old code that once worked perfectly did not work in subsequent releases of WP.
    I for one am very grateful to see this activity and both of you, Byron and Ciprian hear this: Yay!!!

    Do you have a payment gateway or PayPal? I’m gonna give you some support for this great effort and thank you BOTH!!

    Yeah, for what it’s worth, Ciprian, I trried last week, and the donation link gets redirected too, because of the hijacking / redirecting of – Maybe Byron let his domain expire?



    @scott, forget it, I’ll fix all the links and I’ll create a new wiki section.

    @ronzoni702, I’ll set something up, thanks for your support.

    Have you tried the latest version?

    Holy ***k! This plugin can be revived?!

    This thing was/is amazing in all the things it could / can do. I used this in different ways on different sites – then I got scared it might have vulnerabilities not looked into – so axed all the old galleries and such to be on the safe side.

    The other day someone was asking for something like this for a buddypress / wordpress site – and first thing I thought of was this one – but could not suggest due to no new development.

    I may suggest they take a look now.

    @bennebw / Byron – you did a lot of amazing work putting all this stuff together. It was much appreciated by a lot of people on one of my sites. (at the time it was the easiest / best front end uploader and auto image resizer for quick pics to be uploaded and then url given to use as avatars in our chat rooms!)

    @anyone who is going to update this thing – high fives to you as well. Very cool to see this pop up in my list of updates.



    @djsteveb, I am working on it as we speak. Latest version, updated two days ago – – fixes all the fatal errors, so the plugin works on WordPress 4.3-RC2.

    Stand by for a blog post about this, with a roadmap and a bug reporting area.

    Hey @ronzoni702,
    Thanks for the kind words! No need for a donation, but the thought is much appreciated. Give it to Ciprian as he is running with the code at this point 🙂

    Thanks @djsteveb!

    @ciprian, I’m glad to see the continued interest for PhotoSmash. You’re making a lot of people’s day! I have no idea what the state of the art in security is for WordPress today. PhotoSmash was fairly conservative from a security standpoint at the time I had to let it go, but that has probably changed (maybe drastically) by now and would want a good review to make sure any leaks are plugged.

    Cheers to all!



    Hi Byron,

    Thank you. Security is a very important point and I’ll test the plugin for possible vulnerabilities. I’ll keep an eye on all security related reports.



    Totally optional, here’s a nice contributions/donations page:

    I’ll keep working on the plugin and push weekly updates.

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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