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  • Got blank screen. Some fatal error on last update.

    I initially have standard calendar from but WordPress insists there is a new version on I have had to turn off Automatic Updater for plugins and never trust this plugin. I trust all others I have tested and found good and reliable.

    No plugin has ever given me so much trouble as this plugin, over years. I will for sure not use this plugin on any more sites.

    Why have three versions of this plugin? One her, one free “standard” on and one “Pro”? Why doesn’t the plugin authors understand that they interfere with each other? Why doesn’t they test it properly before releasing a new version?

    I have to totally agree. The support for this thing is HORRIBLE! I went to their forum, no response. Here, no response. I have just completely abandoned this plug in at this point. They want you to buy the PRO version but at a cost so bloated I can get another one for 1/3 of that and get something more reliable and more powerful. Before the update I had thousands of errors coming up in my log. Just crappy writing on their part. I sucked up my losses at this point and have to do it all from scratch but never am I going to use any of their plugins!

    I was prompted to upgrade to upgrade to 1.10.3 and it broke the site. I deleted it and installed 1.10.1 Standard. This works but I’m getting a bunch of 404 errors.

    I just started using recently on two sites for clients and have been considering purchasing the Pro version. Not so sure about that based on what I’m seeing in the forums unfortunately.

    I too was considering purchase the pro version, due to update problems in the free one… now I’m thinking to use a different plugin, maybe less sofisticated and hosted on wp site ONLY!!!
    Anyway: I fix SOME of the problems copying

    Hope this hepls

    Plugin Contributor nicola.peluchetti


    Actually the problem with our support is that we are really a small team, we can barely handle pro cases. We are trying to provide support for everything, anyway for the 3.7 problem here is the fix

    For the different versions read here

    If you see a site that asks to install 1.10.3 lite from a 1.10.1 standard install, please contact me, it could be a bug

    Hmmm, ironically I was glad to see the update because it looked like it might take care of the 404 issue I’m seeing. However, you seem to say the update is not for the Standard version.

    I currently have the Standard version installed on both sites and I’m getting prompted to do the update:

    All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely
    You have version 1.10.1-standard installed. Update to 1.10.3. View version 1.10.3 details.

    Plugin Contributor nicola.peluchetti


    We will investigate that. Can you all guys tell me the exact step you took when upgrading?Did you click the link or did you download?I’ve contacted for this behaviour

    Had to of my sites also go blank after updating to 3.7 due to this plugin. I normally just click the update now button within WP and all is well.

    Plugin Contributor nicola.peluchetti


    @darin i’m asking this because i had a chat with wordpress developer and they need to know, we don’t know if the issue is caused by them or by what else, it’s really strange because we don’t run any code on upgrade.
    @pamela how did you install standard?I mean was the upgrade notice already there when you installed it?

    I currently have ai1ec 1.10.3 and WP 3.7 installed and get the white screen of death so have deactivated the former. How do I know whether I have ai1ec lite or standard installed? And what is the correct fix to recover from this?


    @nicola I may have installed via WordPress plugin repository the first time. However, when the upgrade broke the site, I removed the plugin folder to disable and then downloaded a fresh copy of the Standard version from your site. That is what is currently running. This happened on two sites and both Standard installations are being prompted to upgrade (which I’m now ignoring).

    I have WordPress 3.7 and Standard calendar which works (except for strange 404s showing up in log) as long as I ignore upgrade.

    Plugin Contributor nicola.peluchetti


    @pamela WordPress 3.7 broke also standard, we will release a workaround for this in one or two hours. i released 1.10.4 which hopefully fix problems with 3.7

    ok, I updated to 1.10.4 – site is blank again… so I went back to 1.10.1

    Plugin Contributor nicola.peluchetti


    I updated to 1.10.9 all fine…. thx

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