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  • 1) Define “user-friendly”
    2) What features are you looking for?
    3) Try


    1) By “user-friendly” I mean so easy to use, that someone who is computer stupid could figure it out.
    2) In terms of features, I am looking for the ability to create a template, duplicate it (so that each copy can be individually edited) and then add mulitple unique usernames and passwords to each copy.
    3) Thanks!

    If you really are *computer stupid* it might be best to stay off CMS altogether.

    Thank you, but I am clearly not computer stupid (or I wouldn’t be able to start this topic). I am looking for a CMS that is “user-friendly” (or for the computer stupid) because I am setting it up for clients who need the ability to edit it without my help.

    Well if you are offering professional services advising on CMS it would certainly help your credibilty if you had tried the CMS in question.



    i would strongly recomend Drupal

    Well you would not expect people in the WordPress forum to suggest anything other than WordPress. Without a lot more info as to content the whole topic is meaningless. This is a support forum. I hope a mod closes the thread.

    I appreciate the suggestion rogerweb…..!

    For your information I’m already using WordPress and am not 100% satisfied, hence my inquiry.

    I would also suggest checking out MODx. They have a really flexible CMS. I use WordPress when I need to build blogs, but have been using MODx to build websites. I created a one-page overview of MODx, where you find free MODx templates, examples of sites powered by MODx, and reviews comparing MODx to WordPress and other content management systems.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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