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  • I’m curious, the more I think about it’s possible spammers are now using bots to post on forums as well as blogs? Is bbpress built on the same idea as WP? I think a few people ahve seen that quit smoking thread which is why I ask has anonymous posting been enabled? It seems a similar process of spam:

    bot enters required fields
    bot enters spam as post

    First it was a bible basher, and now an anti smoker – I don’t think someone would be bored enough to sit around looking for sites and spamming (if they are, well, kudos to their unique patheticism). BTW I didn’t want to bump the spam so made this post seperately.

    Because of the content and way they’re posted it seems more difficult to filter too.

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  • Moderator James Huff


    AFAIK, anonymous posting is no longer allowed on these forums. However, there is a member who cleverly registered as “Anonymous”.

    Don’t forget that sometimes old threads get new life as someone adds a comment or question on to them, and that brings back the anonymous posters.

    Perhaps there needs to be a feature to close a post after x amount of time of no new activity on that particular thread.

    True, but I was more referring to the evangelist and now anti-smoking spam threads that appeared. I’ts once ina blu emoon, but I just want to throttle thesepeople.

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