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  • Hi,
    it’s a few months that i use akismet for my blog and i had no false positive so I’m very happy with it.The problem is that spambots get to my blog more often since i use akismet. Once I used to have about 200-300 spam messages in the “akismet spam”section now they are over 1 thousand (it means I moved from receiving 200-300 spam messages in two weeks to 1000 in the same amount of time).
    I was wondering why.. could it be akismet itself? Concerning email spam is a very good habit not to answear to spammy mail , if you do “somebody” will realize that you are actually using that email address and will bloat you with emails.After this that “somebody” guy will share that information with other “somebodies” and your email address will receive a ton of spam. Is it possible that a similar thing happens if you use akismet?That means that when spambots get to my blog and they try to post spam they actually have a sort of positive response from my blog, for them this means that my blog is open to spam and they will come more often rather that “losing resources” for blogs with captchas where they have a negative response.
    Am I wrong?

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  • Have you tried running it with either Bad Behavior or Spam Karma plugins? (I’m a “Bad Behavior” kind of gal, but there’s a lot out there that like “Spam Karma” better.) You don’t want to run *both* – that’s overkill – but one or the other with Akismet works wonders.

    I guess that Bad Behavior is what I was looking for…thanks

    Bad Behavior + Akismet work very well…Aksimet simply gets what Bad Behavior leaves out
    …..thanks 🙂

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