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  • Marotta1


    Hi All,

    Just had a quick question. I want to add a column to the wp_categories table on my mysql database. It will be a column where I store keywords for each of the different categories in my WordPress blog. I am creating a plugin that will pull the meta keywords info for each category from this column of the table. Should this cause any problems that anyone can foresee or has run into if you’ve tried something similar? I just don’t want to mess up the WordPress structure since I am still rather new to all this. I am running WordPress version 2.03.

    Thanks for any input anybody can give.

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  • manstraw


    I think it would be safer if you created your own table and referenced the category by it’s number. Even if your suggested way worked today, there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t bork during an upgrade. If you keep your own table, I don’t think it will break anything, even in the future.



    Thanks manstraw. That’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that. Sounds much more secure for now and the future. I’ll do it that way.

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