• The owners of a site I’m building want a rather unconventional “login” page as a gateway to restricted content. They want the login form to have two fields:
    1) a pre-defined select list of participating cities in a traffic safety program
    2) a universal password that is given to all approved cities

    The registration/application process will be done via a basic interest form, then a conversation between my clients and the representative of the city applying for membership. Once approved, they will be sent the password, which will change every calendar year.

    I have Ultimate Member installed, but it seems it’s based on a more conventional user registration, then typical login via username/email and unique password. I tried creating my own login form, but I don’t see any way to specify a mandated password in that text field. Is there a way to do this?

    Also, they want the login page to be highly designed to match the overall site. I’m using Elementor as my page builder. Can I edit and design the login page to my liking?

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  • Plugin Support Aswin Giri


    Hello @cakins

    You can design Ultimate member pages as per your requirement as forms are generated with shortcode.

    If you are trying to create custom login, you can override template from your theme. For login, you will need to override ultimate-member/templates/login.php file. Please check this documentation regarding template overriding.

    Regarding registration, you can set your users to be admin approved before their account can be activated but you will have to customize the plugin for your other requirements.

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