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  • My blog homepage weights 33k, that’s what I view in the page options

    I don’t understand the fact that some sites bearing graphical ads like Techcrunch have a start page that is only 10k how do they do that?


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  • Hi, no need to post twice, just please be patient when waiting for someone to get to your question. 🙂

    What’s your site URL?

    no 33 kb is not a lot , 33 kb will load in a few second on a modem … and most people have cable or dsl these days …

    techcrunch have more than 10kb start page …

    Ah, if it is “all weights” with background graphics and attached scripts – You are Happy Man 🙂

    But if it is pure HTML weight of Your frontpage, i think it only acceptable. And in this case You may want to turn on Gzip compression via admin panel in reading options

    If you’re talking about the site in your profile, it loaded for me in: 0.437 seconds (as stated at the footer of your site)

    That’s superspeed, actually.

    33kb for a whole page isn’t heavy at all – I’ve created sites with a header image that was 33k and load super fast.

    Hi thanks for replying

    Yeh i’m talking about my profile website,

    I thought Techcrunch was heavier but when you look at the page options in Firefox by right-clicking the page, it says it weights 10k.
    I’m not sure what part it is analyzing.
    I was wondering where was the logic behind that…

    I think it’s the HTML, not sure

    Your site takes about a half-minute to load on dial-up.

    (Yup, still have it). =)


    Blinks into existance on a pair of OC-192s though. 🙂

    33k would be more like 10 seconds min. on a dial up.

    The header image is 15kb of that. That’s half of it right there.

    Something is wrong with what Firefox reports, or I read it wrong.

    It reports 44.48 KB on my front webpage, and I know for a fact that at least one image is over 100K alone.

    I assume the 44K of Firefox exclude images, and is not a real representation of the ‘load’ of a page.


    Says 33k for me in IE. I also used the Page Size test over at seochat. It says it includes images.

    It’s the Javascripts.

    prototype.js – 47kb
    lightbox.js – 21kb

    I reran the test here

    Many thanks for this link. My frontpage is close to 1mb !
    I have quite a lot of pictures of course as this is a photoblog, but still…. this analysis tool is a gem !


    Ralph [NSFW]

    thanks for the link as well, I’ll try to reduce the banner part then.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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