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    so im thinking about upgrading to 1.5, and im wondering if its worth it. since its still in the works, is it pretty bug heavy? also what kind of feature upgrades are there from 1.22. i know theres a new theme and that you can add admin menus now.

    tell me, whats so great about this new version, besides the fact that its new?

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  • Theme support.
    Page support.
    Greater possibilities of plugin implementations.

    i love the themes part!

    i haven’t found one bug yet and ive been using it over a week!

    Do a search for v.1.5 threads and you’ll find lots of comments and feedback. Check out for information as well.

    Version 1.5 will definitely be “worth it” but then again, for some, version 1.2.2 is perfectly fine and they may wish to stick with that version. There is no requirement to upgrade.

    cool thanks for the feedback.

    How hard will it be to upgrade to 1.5 if we have 1.2? I mean, will there be a need for a lot of template modifications or will it work directly?


    i just downloaded the most recent nightly build, and it looks really simple, but im wondering, can 1.5 and 1.2.2 run off of the same database. id sorta like to be able to grab all of my old posts out of my old install which is in a different folder yet still be able to use that version while i get 1.5 to the way i want it. Is this ok, or will it hurt the db?

    They can share the same database, but will require their own tables. You can use a copy of the wp-config.php and simply change the line:
    $table_prefix = 'wp_';
    to something different in the copy, such as:
    $table_prefix = 'wp15_';

    Same database, but two totally different sets of tables. The 1.5 tables will, of course, be empty.

    yai just decided to do a full upgrade, it running very smooth, and only one broken plugin, so im happy. thanks guys, great job 🙂

    Nothing better anywhere!

    Definitely worth it, themes is a major improvement, loving it!
    Only bug is with the login, but it doesn’t seem to affect everyone, it was also in 1.2 and it’s easy to work around it.

    I was thinking 1.5 would be buggy but after upgrading I can’t turn back now. It’s simply awesome and the features like themes and new plugin abilities rock.

    I felt like going to MT with 1.2.2 but 1.5 has fixed that and I now have all the features I need.

    I’ve never seen such an easy upgrade from anything!

    Been running WP prior to 1.2. Just upgraded one of my client sites that was using an older version (can’t even remember what version it was) to 1.5 the other night.

    To be safe, I had him deactivate all plugins, I deleted, uploaded and upgraded and in a few seconds he was blogging away on his new 1.5 site. He is extremely happy and running the 2005-02-08-2230 nightlie code with no problems.

    I will probably at least try to convert my current weblog into a wp1.5 this weekend (test system), but I have one question: Are the database changes now complete or are there some other changes to the database schemata planned before 1.5 will be released?

    Oh go for it, backup your db & what have you got to lose?

    I first installed the “current” version, then switched about 5 mins later. Been using the new version for a month, no probs yet – and at least, if there are, you know the fix is coming along soon(ish).*

    * this comment is sponsored by Stella Artois.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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