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  • What kind of an irresponsible organization is it that provides software, but makes it impossible to reach a live person when help is needed. Thousands of messages are no help to a small company that depends on a WordPress blog, but can’t get help when the linking feature quits working. “Free” is a fantasy when a problem arises, the cost is becoming very heavy for us.

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  • I agree. People need real troubleshooting help from real technicians when a problem arises. This message board setup isn’t cutting it.
    (mailing list)

    Real people for real money 🙂

    If you don’t like the free support offered here by volunteers – you can always buy the support you want.



    Last I looked, few bots hung out in these forums. 😉

    There are many people that will charge you for consulting and can assist you to troubleshoot and solve problems. I would first start with

    The great think about the license for WordPress is that if you find a problem, you can fix it yourself or create addons that will generate workarounds.

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    This forum is free. The people who answer questions are volunteers. They don’t get paid.

    “Free” is a fantasy when a problem arises, the cost is becoming very heavy for us.

    Then how about actually hiring somebody to fix the problem for you? There are professionals that know WordPress, you know. It’s not really all that complicated. Any decent programmer with a knowledge of PHP and Web programming can pick it up in about a week or two.

    If you’re using free software in a business critical operation without having procured your own paid support options for that free software, well, that’s your own fault.

    Don’t like it? You’re just as free to use something else. That’s the beauty of free software. You’re free to use whatever you like. But what you don’t get to do is complain and expect to be taken seriously. You can complain when you’ve paid for that right, and then only to the people that you’re actually paying.

    Welcome to the real world.

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