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  • Hi, im having a hard time figuring this out. I’ve created a custom wordpress theme from scratch, following the best practices that I could. The site works great most of the time, with a load time that feels okay considering implementation of a lot of frontend stuff (typekit, youtube embed, vimeo, jquery etc).

    The problem is before the frontend ressources load. Sometimes a get a Waittime in the server response time that goes up to around 8-10 seconds, while being around 700ms most of the time. This makes it Extremely hard to test and troubleshoot. So the problem either lies in the server settings, or in my php code. Since its not happening all the time, I think i can conclude that its not the code, since its the same code running all the time, and therefore should have been slow all the time – but maybe thats a hasted conclusion.

    Im really looking to get some input on how to further test this, or hear about any experience with irregular server wait time and TTFB.

    The website is currently in testmode at

    Note: Ive been through disableing plugins, but again that should have made it slow ALL the time right?
    also – im not caching at the moment, since I need to fix this issue first.

    Thank you.

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