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  • I installed the skin on my WordPress powered website and I am utterly blown away by it. I love this theme to death but it’s got some major issues that are holding me back from using it. When viewing the site ( in Firefox or Safari you will notice that none of the links are clickable when viewing articles. When opening a site up using this template in Internet Explorer, everything is dandy… So can somebody explain to me what went wrong with code to make it go whacko with Gecko based browsers? Thanks!

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  • Not seeing a problem with your links, so can’t provide any suggestions. Using Firefox 1.5 on XP.

    Sorry about my thread. It doesn’t really explain the problem too well.

    See how those links aren’t clickable? The ones that are scattered throughout the news article. It also happens when I create a page like … According to my tests, none of those links on that page should be clickable. It’s weird. They are clickable when the articles are on the front page but not clickable when you goto the individual post.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    And the author of the theme has said ?

    The links seem to work for me — though it’s difficult to determine what you’re referring to when you point to a whole page and then say, “See how those links aren’t clickable?” Which links?

    At any rate, the only links that are problematic are the ones with a # …

    But it seems you may have miscoded something somewhere.

    Your text (in the example) cannot be highlighted either. Looking at the source code I can’t see an obvious issue and the page even validates. I suspect you should have a look at your CSS as there are quite a few errors, which may explain why the story body is misbehaving.

    I had this problem as well. Removing the attributes from the #content h3 span block solved the problem for me.

    Agreed. You can’t link inline as with other themes unless you delete #content h3 span specification entirely from the css …

    I believe the creator’s web site explains this, but it’s in German, so I can’t say for sure.

    This theme is the greatest.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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