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  • As I’m writing this, a user is having connection issues in #wordpress on Freenode and the past two hours of the channel consists of joins and quits from the user, with random outbursts of displeasure from random people. It has only just now been stopped by someone by /nick’ing to all the nicks the client was trying.

    Available freenode staff refused to do anything about this, since there is no *!*@freenode/staff/* line in the access list. The current access list is as follows.

    -ChanServ- ntry Nickname/Host Flags
    -ChanServ- —- ———————- —–
    -ChanServ- photomatt +votsriRfAF [modified ? ago]
    -ChanServ- io_error +votsriRA [modified ? ago]
    -ChanServ- masquerade +votsriRA [modified ? ago]
    -ChanServ- —- ———————- —–
    -ChanServ- nd of #wordpress FLAGS listing.

    Yes, that’s right. 3 ops for a channel of 170 people.

    Matt is the only one with the access levels to add more ops. There is no Group Contact registered with Freenode at all, and if I remember correctly from my own experiences of the GC process, only Matt will be able to do this.

    I have emailed Matt about this, but of course he’s ridiculously busy and and may not see the email for weeks.

    This needs fixing ASAP.

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