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  1. Farms - WPMU DEV
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    Thanks Ipstenu,

    re: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugins-removed-but-now-all-fixed-please-can-we-have-them-back?replies=3

    I know u guys don't have those privs, but as long as plugins@wordpress.org aren't responding to us I'm left with the only option being to post here and hope someone sees it...

    Well, I could post it on wpmu.org, but that'd probably lead to 'yet another WPMU DEV flamewar'TM :/

    Is there a better section in the forums, or maybe an email list where this'd be better brought up?

    Thanks again for your help!


  2. Yeah, and it's called plugins@wordpress.org

    Seriously. You're doing the right thing, and it's the ONLY thing any of us have power to do. I've passed on your forum posts to people with more power, which promises nothing except maybe they'll read the email, maybe they won't.

    But in the interests of not making a tense situation worse (you mentioned flamewars, I'm not ignorant of the past relationship issues here), I opted to close the topic rather than have people get in a huff.

    Please don't open up more topics on this. I get that you're having a rough time, and I do wish I had a better answer than 'keep pegging the email that isn't responding' right now but I don't. Officially, THAT is the way to go about this. It's the only way I know of, unless you happen to have the emails of people on repo-staff who can help you out personally. Heck, if it were my own plugins, I'd be in the same boat as you!

    (Please note there was recently an issue with the repo so you're probably NOT gonna get much help from them tonight: http://wordpress.org/news/2011/06/passwords-reset/ )

  3. Note 1: Please, stop. Nobody here on the forums can help you. You deal with plugins@wordpress and possibly me, or you deal with nobody.

    Note 2: Do not post private email correspondence on these forums again, or I'll just block you outright and ban you and your entire domain from wordpress.org entirely.

    Problems? Email otto@wordpress.org and/or plugins@wordpress.org directly. Don't bring it here. I'm told I'm quite reasonable and pleasant. :)

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