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  • Can you please advise me where (and whether) I can find the IP of a registered user? I would like to check one account as a potential spammer, because the e-mail address or the login does not show anything after googling them. I managed to find a spammer like this (via IP) on the phpbb forum, but I cannot seem to find the IP details on the WordPress…

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  • I don’t think you can do this with just the WordPress user registration info. But there are security plugins that may keep a log of user login attempts and their IP addresses. From there, you may be able to identify which IP belongs to that user. Keep in mind some people have dynamic IP’s so they’ll keep changing.

    Try iThemes Security (used to be Better WP Security). Be careful though. That thing can lock up your blog if you don’t know what you’re doing!

    Thanks for a hint. I completely forgot about trying to find a plugin for that. I have installed this one: Register IP – MultiSite. Do you think it will be any good? It does not show me the details of that particular account as it has been created for some time now, but I expect that any other account created from now on will show me the detail.

    For new accounts, yes, it should, based on the product description.

    Does this user still log in to your site? Some analytics tools log a visitor’s IP and you can see what pages they viewed. My favorite is I know most people use Google Analytics, but that one doesn’t show you IP’s.

    Good luck!

    I have been advised by a developer not to place too many plugins there as they may mess up with my website. What is your opinion on it? He initially removed any analytic plugin I previously had and let there only two or three, from which I have again expanded to about 10 for various functions. One I tried for the IP showed something like fatal error so I had to delete it instantly. The one I am having now seems to behave.

    I’d agree that it is best to take a conservative approach with plugins and only install those that you really do need for the simple reason that, the fewer you have, the less things there are to go wrong. 🙂

    Thanx. This reminded me a question: can installed but not activated plugin do some harm? I guess not, but I know nothing about programming etc…

    Yes. If an inactive plugin is not kept up to date, it can pose a security issue on your site. Additionally an apparently inactive plugin can still interfere with the site itself if it has been active in the past. With the exception of the Hello Dolly plugin, I suggest that you do not keep inactive plugins hanging around. It just makes for good housekeeping.

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    FWIW, is one I wrote and will track the IPs of registered users. it’s not retroactive, though :/

    If it’s a “professional” spammer or a bot the real ip is hidden behind a proxy ip that constantly changes as it gets blacklisted. I don’t think ip’s are the best solution to catch spammers because of the above reason and ISP dynamic ip’s…. but sometimes it works.

    Bill Gates in 2006
    “Two years from now, spam will be solved,”
    he forgot to mention that 60% of spam originates from hotmail, live, msn, outlook
    but google doesn’t like to get behind and it’s stepping up in spam email accounts

    Thank you guys. I have just backed up the whole website before updating 4 plugins that gradually accummulated for update. It takes time to do that and I have been advised to back-up prior upload.

    Regarding that account I have queries about, I think I will delete it completely. It has been blocked for over a week, nobody contacted me about anything. If something, he will get in touch, at least with anger. Or not, if he is a spammer. Right?

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    Yeah, I don’t follow IPs for spammers but for trolls 🙂

    I’d nuke the account, personally. They’ll scream if it’s real and you can explain how not to SEEM like a spammer 😀

    “Or not, if he is a spammer. Right?”
    Even if it’s a legit user he might never show up again. It’s safe to delete (you can always move the posts if there any). If he/she shows up again… just create a new account.

    Trolls and Elfs usually use ISP’s dynamic ip’s… if he would login, would most likely have a different ip.
    Only demigods use static ip’s 😀

    Hahaha, while having a discussion about the plugins making mess, one such thing has messed up with my website after updating it (among updating few others). Simple Subscribe… has anyone had a problem with it? It had completely hidden my footer code and all the meta, calendar, recent posts in the footer panel. A dear theme developer helped me to identify and fix the problem. I was really ready to recover the website from the back-up I have made prior the updates…

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