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  • For anyone with a blog on iPowerWeb, they seem oblivious to the problem caused by the bug discussed here: and documented by MySQL here:

    I just finished a live chat with a very courteous but entirely unhelpful woman named Sonja. As far as they are concerned, MySQL 5.0.51a is not the problem. Also, in spite of what they might tell you, that IS what they are running. Put the following in a PHP page with the appropriate variables set to the correct values for your database and see what you get.

    $link = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpassword);
    printf(“MySQL server version: %s\n”, mysql_get_server_info());

    As long as the version of WordPress being used is not the latest version, they will not even consider the possibility that they need to do anything. I’ll update my copy of WP to 2.5 and see if they are any more receptive after that, but I won’t hold my breath. If anyone else is using them as their host, please send them an e-mail asking them to upgrade MySQL.

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  • ipowerweb is Horrible. I would strongly advise anyone to transfer away from them. I have used them for years and their CS has always been bad (and progressively gotten worse).

    They were always nice, but their answers were redundant. As if they just have their scripted answers and cannot veer away from that.

    And their response time is horrible.

    And it’s funny that they won’t help you unless you are on 2.5 since they only offer a one-click installation of 2.3.3

    I find them continually frustrating.

    From my conversation with Sonja:

    Sonja Sharp: I have checked your issue and was able to duplicate the issue.
    Sonja Sharp: You need to upgrade the WordPress for the account.
    Henry Hartley: I will but the underlying issue is a bug in MySQL. I cannot upgrade MySQL, only you can.
    Sonja Sharp: The MySQL for the account is upgraded.
    Sonja Sharp: You need to just upgrade the WordPress.

    At least she was able to duplicate the issue, even if they refuse to do anything about it.

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