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  • iPower tech support has been worthless so far, even after exchanging 10+ messages. They can’t seem to grasp the fact that I UNDERSTAND THERE IS A PROBLEM and the reason why I am contacting THEM is to find a solution. They keep telling me what the problem is like that is helping the situation.

    iPower has been the worst experience so far in installing wordpress. Normally, I get wordpress up and running (as a basic install) within minutes. I have spent about 6 hours trying to figure out why their back end keeps trying to redirect my uploads on the wordpress dashboard to some stupid hermes/bosweb/web263/b2634/…etc. extension.

    For instance, I am trying to install a new theme through the dashboard. I am pointing to the zip file as I have done hundreds of times and get this error message:

    The uploaded file could not be moved to /hermes/bosweb/web263/b2634/ipw.xxxxxxxx/public_html/web/wp-content/uploads/2010/12.

    I have tried EVERYTHING such as changing my directory permissions to 777, doing a manual wordpress install (as well as a wordpress install through the iPower control panel), removing the “/” in front of wp-content. NOTHING WORKS!

    Based on the error message above, I’m beginning to think that iPower has some type of redirect in place that is causing all file writing to go through another directory.

    Anyone have any luck with iPower and installing new themes?

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  • Hi,

    I have an almost (identical problem ), so hopefully somebody is familiar with this kind of issue.

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    @ehong33234: Find a new host. Some hosts simply are too restrictive. 777 permissions will get you hacked.

    @designshuffle: stay with one thread.

    the problem with iPower and other hosts is that when you try an upload or update the owner of the folder is changed
    tell iPower you want the folder owners changed back to original configuration

    @samuel – Thanks for the tip. Let me open another (sigh) ticket with iPower to see if they know what in the world I am asking them to do.

    I will post an update here.

    In the meantime, I just had to FTP the files into the wp-content and wp-uploads folders manually so that I can at least get going on my project.

    I am still waiting on a response from iPower but if anyone out there is considering this hosting company because of their low prices, save yourself the headache!

    My trouble ticket has replies from about 6 different tier 1 and tier 2 agents and each one keeps repeating the other and I am seriously going in circles.

    The last tech support responder told me that they cannot fix wordpress problems as it is out of their hands. I’ve told them numerous times that this is a fresh install of wordpress, the same one I’ve installed five times this month on different hosting services, without any problems.

    “How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

    A response from, you guessed it, a new tech support agent and he was smart enough to type what the last 5 tech support agents before him typed:

    “Thank you for getting back to us.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We could not change the configuration of the wordpress as it seems that you installed the wordpress as a third party application. Also, the path that we are giving you is the absolute path to your account. There is no other path where the file needs to be uploaded. If it is not working, we do recommend you to contact wordpress for this issue.”

    NO SH$@#$!!! I am not asking them to change wordpress! Why can’t they understand this! I want them to make my absolute path my stinking absolute path, which should be my domain!

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    @ehong33234: Find a new host.

    @songdogtech: If it was my own website/hosting and not that of a clients, I certainly would right this second. However, your suggestions seems more and more viable as a quicker solution!

    Update… iPower finally said that they cannot modify my hosting absolute path (hermes/bosweb/etc/etc) to my domain address because my client is on a shared hosting. I normally use siteground for my wordpress hosting when my clients give me an option and I literally can start posting after clicking “install” on their control panel. None of this BS. I swear, iPower is cheap but they are not for people who want to get up and running fast. In other words, everything is crippled.

    Now, I am having a problem with htaccess and my permalinks not working the way they are supposed to. SIGH!

    If the theme you’re uploading is bigger that the PHP upload limit, it will throw this error (rather than a more helpful “too large” error). Try uploading the theme manually or via cPanel if you have it.

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