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    So I use iPhone emulators to test my websites and recently noticed something peculiar. Some of my sites were not showing any more.

    After a bunch of combing through CSS, I finally started playing with the plugins one-by-one. As it turns out, Shield is blocking SOME of my sites from showing (not all). As soon as I disable Shield on those sites, they will show without fail. Since it isn’t happening on all sites, I’m guessing it’s a particular module that’s causing the problem but I haven’t been able to narrow it down.

    Here are a couple of emulators I use:

    Any guesses as to which module is creating the problem?

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    The only way I could find to break the simulators is to turn on the HTTP Headers module. More specifically the iFrame protection… which makes total sense.

    Shield presents a problem if it’s blocking iPhones… which would be weird. Not emulators, or what is something essentially trying to fake it as something else.

    Ultimately that was my concern, that this potentially had implications for iPhone users. But, as you suggested, it was the iFrame protection that was creating the issue. Thanks for clearing this up!

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