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  • WTF is IPB? ? ? ?

    And where do I sign up for WP 5.0????? 😉


    IPB as in invision power board.

    as for wordpress 5.0 *wipes pie off face*

    i meant wordpress 1.5. 😀


    I think he means a interface between the userbase of Invision and WordPress – and although this is possible, it is devilishly hard and there is no way I am going to try it. For anybody who *DOES* want to try, I would suggest tying the User Group in Invision and correlate it to the user rank in WordPress (whatever its called) and use the Invision system as the main one, instead of combining the info for the two. Also possible would be to use the IPB SDK (google it) and modify the wp-Login.php to authenticate them with Invision at the same time as WordPress – this, however, would require you to modify the Invision files to point to the wp-login file instead of the Invision index.php?act=login&code=01… yah way to much work for so litle benefit. Easier would be to have the comments disabled, and auto-post an invision post in the news section when you make a WP post, and have the comments lead to that post so they can reply there.

    Search first lol

    Also, if anybody finds such a thing, I am looking for a WordPress theme that looks like Invision, or vice-versa… I would love an e-mail if anybody finds that:

    e cab le @ avxw o rksho p. co m
    (remove all spaces)

    Hey Silverside, any idea how I could “autopost” my wordpress posts into IPB? I’m very new at both wordpress and IPB and would really like to set something like this up between my blog and forums. Thanks!

    Hi, Look at my site:

    Click the FORUM tab at the top menu.

    The way I achieved it is, I created a wrapper for IPB which looks like my WP Blog skin.

    Thats it 🙂

    note: I have’nt integrated the login systems of the two applications, if that is what u r looking for..

    Slick. No, I’m not looking to add a log in to the front page. it just seems unecessary for what I’m trying to do. people can log in on the forums page if they want to use the forums.

    What I was more asking though was how I can write a message in wordpress, hit “publish” and have it simultaneously appear as a new thread in a specified IPB forum. This would seem possible with RSS somehow…thoughts? You used the word “autopost” above and I assumed you were referring to some type of double posting mechanism like that.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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