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  • In the morning I received an email from my host ipage about an inquiry about a phishing complaint and after that when I tried to access my website it said 404-Page Not Found. I called support and was informed that some wordpress components were missing and they told me to uninstall and and reinstall wordpress even though I had not backed up the previous content.

    Since reinstalling wordpress I can now log in, however, my whole website has gone missing with my theme and all content. I have spoken to ipage but they don’t seem to have an answer, not even to why they originally deleted the website. Is there any way that I can retrieve the previous wordpress website without having made backups myself? Would my host ipage have backups or is there anything else I can do? The theme I had was also uploaded by someone else and I don’t have it on my own computer.

    I really hope someone can help and that I can get my website back as soon as possible.

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  • Hi Codocorg,

    Sorry to hear of your woes. It sounds like your site may have been hacked. The hacker may have been responsible for the phishing complaint, and the hack disabled your site by deleting one or more critical WordPress files.

    You should be able to get the site back by reinstating these files (assuming any malware is removed of course). In the absence of any facility to clean the site of malware (I recommend, the easiest thing to do is reinstall WordPress and your theme, as your host advised.

    The data should still be in the database (the data is separate from the WordPress instance), which you can look at by using phpmyadmin on your server (available from cpanel if your host has cpanel installed).

    It’s then a case of editing your config.php file so the new installation points to the original data. You can find out more about that process here:

    In answer to your question about backups – if you didn’t make any and your host doesn’t do this by default (most do not, and from their advice it seems yours doesn’t), then you have no backup.

    It seems then that you can have a clean WordPress (you’ve reinstalled), and access to your data (the database is still available), but your theme is lost. I have no answer to that other than to download a fresh copy of the theme and re-do the custom edits you made to the last one.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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