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  • Mobile nav comes up nicely on Ipad when in vertical mode, but changes to regular nav in horizontal mode. Anoying since dropdown menus no longer work. Have a look a what’s happening in this short video.

    Someone any ideas how to tackle this? The solution offered in an earlier post ‘[resolved] Not working on iPad mini in vertical (8 posts)’ obviously does not work.

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    Can you upload a screenshot of the issue and most importantly link the website with the issue? I don’t want to download video to see the issue.

    Hi Andrew, per your request:

    you can experience the phenomenon on this temporary location.

    Screenshot 1 vertical

    Screenshot 2 horizontal

    Hope this makes it easier for you.

    Hi Svenntie,

    it’s intended to be that way.
    Take a look at the tree stroke on blue-green box at the upper left side.
    Just click on it and the menu will popup.

    Putting javascripts on the wrong order (e.g. by using some kind javascript optimization) can break this.
    But right now your temporary location works like it’s supposed to work.

    Hi DasSkar,

    tx for your reply but I disagree. In vertical position it’s working fine, indeed, as you describe, with the 3 stroke button. Unfortunately this functional button disappears once you turn your tablet horizontaly leaving you with a desktop-mode on a tablet/smartphone (see the 2nd screenshot). Nested menus (in this example) “Foto’s” is no longer usable, since it doesn’t collapse…
    I found some other sites using the same theme, and they don’t have this problem. Horizontal/vertical stays in tablet-mode…
    I’ve already tried disabling certain plugins and widgets, but no change so far. I don’t understand what I’m doing differently from these other sites…


    Hi Svenntie,

    i missed this myself and can confirm it should not be intended to be so.
    Therefor i’ve filled an issue at github.

    Stay tuned because James’ still fixing his theme 🙂

    /Edit: I didn’t find other websites with the same theme without this problem. Can you provide urls?

    Hi Svenntie,

    as i need this for myself i did a quick workaround (see issue at github)

    Best practice would be putting it into style.css into your childtheme.

    Hello again DasSkar,

    Haven’t found time to follow up on this item before. On Github I saw Jamie closed the topic and will implement your workaround. However, I added your solution to style.css in my childtheme, and I find there’s no difference. The issue is not solved for me.
    A website running the same theme is e.g. There the navigation works like a charm, on the same ipad.

    Hello Svenntie,

    the website you mention has no top menu (at least right now). So it can’t work.

    Your own website has the css fix included and works for me (ipad 2, ios 7.1)
    Maybe it’s only a cache problem ?

    You can clear the cache at Settings -> Safari -> Clear Data (or similiar, my ipad gui isn’t english).

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