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    Now I think why we bought this pligin for one year and may be we can take our money back… because premium version is not so different with free. And support is badly…

    I asked by email 3 days ago about seriously problem and another questions. But no answer ((

    Ok. May be here somebody of programmers of this plugin can answer me.

    1. People can use proxi or vpn to make another IP – this is
    way to cheat? Or sometime they need just turn off connection to
    internet and connect again to make another IP and make next vote.

    2. What now you use for identification in our website http://intresting-travel.ru/blog/category/photocontest/ : by IP and cookie or only IP?

    You said me that you can change it and make protect more strongly: Yes, the PC Id could be faked by clearing browser’s cache or opening the site at incognito mode. So yes – it’s possible to cheat. If you want to have a better protection, we can set the identification to be by IP and not by a cookie. Let me know if that’s relevant and I’ll help you to set it up.

    3. Can you make set up identification by {(IP) or (ID)} ?
    I mean if user made a vote and after go by incognito mode or clearing cache he cannot also make a new vote because we now his IP.
    And if he made a vote and close internet connection and open again (or another way for make another IP) and he want make a vote again – he cannot do that. Because we know his ID. This I mean identification by {(IP) or (ID)} .
    Can you do that for my website http://intresting-travel.ru/blog/category/photocontest/ ?


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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