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  1. mshakles
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi - Here's my situation: my WP site is currently on a shared host platform, but due to the poor performance I have upgraded to a VPS server and the hosts (123-Reg) have migrated the whole site over to the VPS server. Both Sites have the WP installation installed in a sub folder called WP/.
    Now here's the thing, I was under the impression that by altering my hosts file under windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts and adding the ip address of the VPS site and the URL of the Domain I could test the VPS version of my WP site before going live and pointing the Domain Name to the new IP address.
    The problem I have is that whilst I am able to navigate around the menus of the website on the VPS server, (I altered some text on one site so I can tell which one I am on), as soon as I try to login into the WP site I get times outs and it appears that i am blocked for an undetermined period of time i.e if i am running a Ping-t, about a second after I click the login button to take me to the login page the ping trace starts showing requests time outs. 123-Reg are convinced it is nothing to do with them.
    Has any one had similar experience? or if anyone could find the time to help or offer advice I would really appreciate it. regards Mark

  2. mshakles
    Posted 2 years ago #

    sorry I should have added that the shared server is also with 123-Reg.co.uk

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