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  • I have a test “request to anonymize data” which I let sit for 24+ hours, so it would expire. The expired request is sitting in the Requests tab with the email address + IP address, and I don’t see a way to delete or anonymize.

    Even if the user doesn’t come back to tick boxes and make their actual requests, it seems like there would be a way to delete this data in my Dashboard. Is there?

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  • I think you’re confused with the different types of requests.

    There are 2 types:

    Access requests: “I’d like to access all the data you have of me.” (this is requested via the form where they fill in their email address)
    Anonymise requests: “I’d like to anonymise this particular data you have of me.” (this is requested via the page created and sent to your email after requesting your data)

    If you, as an admin of the site, receive an anonymise request, it should be visible in the plugin page under ‘Requests’ => ‘Requests to Process’ column. It should add a “Manage” link right next to it.

    See an example here:

    Click on the “Manage” link. Tick on one of the checkboxes you’d like to process and press on the green button “Anonymise selected request(s)”.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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    Hi, thank you for replying, yeah, no, I’m not confused. 🙂

    AFTER the request has EXPIRED, I wouldn’t expect a “manage link,” necessarily, but I don’t want to store their IP/email either.
    – A fake user (I created) posted a comment.
    – Admin (me) approved it.
    – Then user made the initial request to view data.
    – The request appeared in my Requests tab.
    – The user took no further action — didn’t request any anomyization.
    – The request expired.

    Now, after expiration:
    – That user’s line in the Requests tab is grayed out.
    – There is no Manage link.
    – That person’s email address and IP address appear in my Requests tab.

    In a scenario where the user wanted to SEE what was stored and NOT want to take action, in addition to anywhere their data was stored, it now is also stored in my Requests tab.

    If the user comes back at a later date and initiates “request data” a SECOND time, their IP and email are associated, together, in my admin area in Requests from their FIRST request. But that information is NOT reported in their SECOND request. I just did that as a follow-up test.

    So the plugin newly stores IP/email, and doesn’t report it in a subsequent request.

    I hope I’m not being confusing. I’m trying to be clear and provide enough information that you can look at this.

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    In addition to my post above, I tested further:
    – User makes a comment
    – Comment is approved
    – User requests data report/list
    – User requests anonymization of comment
    – Admin receives request
    – Admin uses “Manage” link to anonymize data
    – Comment is anonymized (email and IP)

    – “Requests” tab still shows email address and IP of the user expecting to have data anonymized.

    If the user wants EVERYTHING anomyized, this, I would say, is a flaw in the plugin. The plugin isn’t reporting or anonymizing its own storage of information.

    I otherwise like it a lot.

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    You are right. We will anonymise this data in the next update after 1.3.6

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