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  • Hello, imho the “IP addresses anonymize/do no store” option is missing its objective. Under GDPR I need a users consent for subscription; if any legal claims are made I need the full IP address as proof. So I keep the IP option on “Store”, all good?

    Unfortunately not:
    – because all open/click tracking in wp_newsletter_stats also stores the IP of the user. As far as I can see this is completely unneccessary?
    – when the user unsubscribes, all his data stays in the database. Furthermore, the unsubscription itself adds the users current IP to the wp_newsletter_user_logs and the wp_newsletter database

    It would be great if you could add an option to only remove the IP from the stats table and to erase all user data when he unsubscribes. (Also, imho you can get rid of the current option, not storing the full ip for consents is in my opinion not a good practice for protecting the website owner from legal claims).

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