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  • Loginizer has been working very well up till today.

    I am getting a lot of repeat attacks and have been using the feature to block individual IP addresses.

    However as of today, it has stopped preventing logins from a blocked address and they are showing up on my activity log again and then getting locked out.

    This isn’t satisfactory.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I counted the number of IP addresses successfully blocked.

    It appears that if you try to block more than 15 IP’s it stops working. No mention of this limitation anywhere.

    And you can’t delete any, doesn’t work. Refers you to an ‘are you sure’ page but does not allow confirm.

    Author apparently no longer interested in fixing and maintaining free version.

    Plugin Author loginizer


    >> No mention of this limitation anywhere.

    There is no such limitation. I am trying to debug this.
    Actually there is a pagination. You can click on next to see the list of IPs blocked.

    >> And you can’t delete any, doesn’t work. Refers you to an ‘are you sure’ page but does not allow confirm.

    Launched a new version to solve the delete issue.

    I am well aware that there is pagination on the list of blocked IPs. Please treat your users with more respect for their intelligence. How else would I have known that 15 was the limit?

    Loginizer lists them, but it still doesn’t block any after the 15th one entered.

    Re. new version to correct delete issue – look forward to it, but cannot see this morning that an update for any of the plugins used on this site is available.

    Plugin Author loginizer


    >> Please treat your users with more respect for their intelligence. How else would I have known that 15 was the limit?

    I didnt mean to question your intelligence. But I have faced users who are newbies. So I generally start with easy stuff.

    I am unable to replicate this.
    Is it possible to share a screenshot or something so that I can check this ?

    BTW, the new version is available :


    Nor sure how I can show you this, other than to screenshot the blocked IPs then the activity log showing clearly that they can still try to login repeatedly.

    Where do I attach files to a reply here?

    I have installed the updated plugin and successfully installed. I can now delete a blocked IP. This will move one of the ones I couldn’t block up the list, so to speak, so will find out in due course if it IS now blocked.

    @jennysue19 for future reference, you can use this chrome extension to take screenshots and generate a link which can be posted in threads like this one (in forums that don’t allow pic attachments):

    I’m also having trouble with the IP blacklisting. I’m on paid version of Loginizer. I enabled email 2FA and set Loginizer to auto blacklist generic username attempts. I just opened the Dashboard and clicked to the Brute Force page… it now has 700+ pages of blacklisted IPs. This seems to have broken Loginizer as valid users are being denied login. I see you just added pagination and a Delete feature. Is there any process to delete ALL blacklisted IPs at once? It would take me hours to do this one by one…

    Thanks for a terrific tool!

    I deleted several IPs I had blocked at the beginning, AND the one that just refused to work, thinking if there were less than 15 it might start working again if I put it back.

    But NO, whatever I do, there is one specific IP that it allows in regardless.
    Pain in the butt.

    mtsdawson – thank you very much for the Chrome extension tool suggestion for screen shots – that will be most useful and not just here. xx

    I re-tried blocking the IP that keeps getting in as a range – and it still isn’t getting blocked.

    My thought is that the hacker here is hiding their real IP behind a spoof one and that Loginizer cannot deal with that.

    Not sure where to go next with this problem.

    Hi I ran the latest update and I am delighted to say that Loginizer now seems to be working again as it should be.

    I haven’t had any hack attack logins from any of the blocked IPs since I did the update.

    Thanks for efforts to fix.

    Agreed. I’m seeing the same results. Also, the new Delete All Blacklisted IPs worked great. Thanks for incorporating these changes into the updated build! Cheers.



    Oh dear.

    Loginizer is broken again.

    There is one particular IP address that it won’t block – or so it would appear. However I don’t think this is the real problem.

    I did ask before if there was some form of spoofing that would allow a user to try to login but show an address other than their real one at that time. That seems to be the only way that this could be happening again. The question is, can Loginizer find a way through this deception?

    Very irritating!



    I’m having the same problem, an IP in a blocked IP range is continuously attacking multiple websites, any solution?

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