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    I have a slew of spammers registering daily. It’s easy to recognize them. Today I had a bunch from one domain. Where do I find the numeric IP without having to open a tab and do a reverse lookup? It isn’t under Users/Nick/Edit/.

    Years ago my registration form had a line of code so the email notifying me of a new signup would give their IP. I’ve been given this code but can’t test as no one can tell me which file to edit.

    You told me I can only use numeric IP. I can’t ban .es or .gr and have to lookup each IP which is a pain for multi blogs.


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    We are planning on implementing something in a future release which will record the IP address during account registration.

    In the meantime, there are multiple plugins you can choose from the WP repository which will record the IP address for you when a user tries to register a WP account, eg,

    Thanks. Will install that and see how it works. I’m going to put it on the most active site and will post results

    Well I see the column under Users so that works. I’m throwing it on all other sites so should get email very soon.

    Not sure of your gender but this female squirrel sends you a big hug!! Just checked one site via iPhone and that column is there. I didn’t get the emails so was concerned … they filtered to their own folder just like I setup. Thank you immensely

    Will check the other sites from my laptop later. Typing on this iPhone isn’t easy

    Checked the folder just now. I installed this last night

    WP Login-alerts (357)

    I’ll be adding IPs to the ban list of each site for the next several hours. :-)c

    Hm … one who registered tried to login and I was notified by email. In the IP Address column, “none recorded” is listed. Shouldn’t the script have recorded it on failed login?

    Error logs don’t have the IP so it didn’t trigger or record nything

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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