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    Just to follow on, I have done a little testing using an Iphone 4S and the data is received and processed, and the tracks are shown on the map.
    Points to note are that working in background mode the tracks are shown as straight line between the log points. If background mode is not set the a continuous track is shown, but if the signal is lost, a new track is started which I guess you would expect.
    If it is tracking continuously my battery seems to be used up rather quickly.
    I have not tried multiple users yet.
    I plan to use the plugin in a reverse geo puzzle, so as a point is reached an sms message is sent to the user providing the next clue in the game. Seems to work so far.
    As regards Trackserver is it possible to create a custom map using the leaflet.js and if so how to interface with the existing plugin?
    If this can be done the user can reference the website for further details regarding the puzzle and the search for clues.

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    Thank your for the update on SendLocation. I haven’t really used it myself, since I don’t own an iPhone, but I’m happy that it works for you.

    I think I understand your wish to interface with Leaflet within Trackserver, but I can’t really tell you anything without more information. What exactly do you mean with ‘custom map’? In what ways would you like to interface with Leaflet?

    I think you’d learn the most by looking at the Javascript source, trackserver.js in particular, and in your browser use Developer Tools or Firebug or something similar to look at the global Trackserver object and its ‘mydata’ property, that contains a reference to all map-divs and their tracks.

    Trackserver.mydata.<mapdiv>.<trackid>.track._map is a direct reference to the object and you should be able to build upon that.

    Best regards,

    Thanks Martijn,
    Just to clarify my question I was seeking to add or overlay the tracks onto way points.
    That is a first level map would display the way points and the the track map would show the progress toward the waypoint etc.

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    Since I’m not sure what else could be added in this ticket, I’m closing it.

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