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    Can you send me some screenshots, I’m quite sure it does run, have you tried the demo page

    Check this tutorial

    Also, remember to code an MP4 file for iPhone, you can use handbreak or FFmpeg

    Hey Rodrigopolo, I got the same issue, plays on ipad, chrome, firefox even Android galaxy SII, but looks blank on the iPhone.

    here is what I’ve found:

    my video is an mp4:
    H264 – mpeg-4 AVC part 10 (avc1)
    frame rate 29.970029

    audio: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
    sample rate 4800

    When trying to debug I’m using safari for windows with user agent for iphone 4, and when I click play the error is: Video not found. When I try to access the same video directly I get the following error:

    You cannot acces to “./../../uploads/2013/03/videofolder/videoname.iPhone.m4v” because of the file extension.

    that happens in streamer.php. you call die()

    when I remove the if statement that calls die in streamer.php the iphone still shows nothing.

    Same issue there… flash plays fine on my desktop but no mp4 on the iphone.
    The twist, it works on the ipad.

    I can play the mp4 file on the iphone going to the file directly though.
    I have the iphone 4gs if that helps.

    I have used this type of mp4 for the last year the only difference is that you have been doing updates. Also.. I’ve tried jw player 5 and 6. Same issue.

    I was playing with other plugins … and noticed that when I change the WPTouch Pro to a more basic template I get the splash image now .. but the video will not play.

    On the iphone, if I switch to non mobile mode .. no image and not video.
    I then choose the mobile mode .. image but not video

    It works on the iphone going to the URL direct.
    And .. it all works on my laptop and ipad.

    Further playing .. with WPtouch Pro.

    When I turned ON IPAD features .. splash pages comes up but video does not load.
    When I turn OFF IPAD features.. splash page comes up and video works.

    Turn ON theme .. splash shows up .. but video does not load
    Turn OFF theme… NO splash page or video

    Disable WPtouch Pro

    Iphone: NO splash or video
    Ipad: Works okay


    I’ve exactly the same issue on my Iphone. All is fine on the IPAD or on different web browser, but does not work on IPHONE.
    Do you have a solution to fix it?
    Thank you

    Hello, I have the same problem, I have video on website and iPad but nothing on iPhone4….I’m at a loss for where to look for a solution….any suggestions appreciated…

    Did anyone try the latest version?

    I’m afraid of trying …

    I have the same problem 🙁 Works really nicely on the desktop but on iPhone it just shows a blank space. I’ve accessed the .m4v file directly on the iPhone and it loads fine, so for some reason it’s just not being inserted into the actual page. Rodrigo, I do appreciate that this is a free plugin and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we appreciate any help you can give here!

    I love this plugin and really want it to work 🙂 It’s magic!


    Should have said, I’m using WordPress 3.5.1 and the latest version of your plug in, with a custom theme based on Bones with no a lot to it. Nothing really fancy, but I do have a few other plugins installed. I’ll try switching them off just to see what happens. If it helps, I’ll report back.

    It didn’t help. But if you want to view the problem page on your own iPhone, here it is:

    Hi! I have resolved this issue by tweaking the codes.
    Download, extract and replace “stream-video-player.php” on plugin folder.

    Please note that on lines 720 and 728 you should place the link to your logo and logo file!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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