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    I have an odd issue that is only happening with one of our devices when uploading photos to our travel blog. I’ll try to keep my info quick.

    The other day we were notified that for the past week or so all of our posts do not show the images. It appears that only uploads from my wife’s iphone 13 are not displaying in the browser, but my iphone 11 photos are working. All photos display in the wordpress and jetpack apps.

    During troubleshooting I have:

    • Added HEIC Support & HEIC to JPEG plug-ins to WordPress
    • Updated both devices to iOS 17
    • Tried posting photos in the post and uploading to media library without change.


    • My Wife’s phone will always upload in HEIC. They aren’t being converted like my phone is (Both are capturing in HEIC)
    • My wife’s iOS Settings > Privacy >Photos’ permissions are set to “Private Access” while mine are set to “Full Access. I am unable to adjust her settings…….
    • I’ve Reset my wife’s Location and Privacy on device without change.

    I’m a bit stumped, and also concerned that I’m chasing the wrong thing. The HEIC and iOS privacy settings is the only inconsistency that I’ve found.

    It’s very odd that we didn’t have this issue until part-way through our trip.

    My example URL is supposed to have photos at the top of the page from her device, and the bottom photos are from mine.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    The HEIC format is not a web-compatible format, which is why the images are not displayed in the browser. There are some plugins for WordPress that allow WordPress to handle this image format: the files are converted to webp or jpeg. Have a look at them:
    (there might be more …)

    And also pay attention to the hosting requirements. For such image conversions, certain tools must be installed there. Have a look at the plugin description and check what it says in your WordPress under Tools > Site Health. If in doubt, contact the support of your hoster.

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    thanks for the feedback @threadi

    I’m using both of those plugins, but it only appears to properly convert heic photos uploaded from my device. The issue is still present on my wife’s phone when uploading.

    I’m thinking this is more my iOS photos permissions, but hoping someone has run into this issue before.

    please let me know if you think of anything else

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    Well this is oddly resolved. After a few hours with Apple Support, and a full delete of wordpress and jetpack I’ve re-installed Jetpack and my photos are properly uploading to my site as jpeg.
    I’m not sure what the fix was. Maybe it was just time. Time heals all things.

    Thanks for the assistance here. I hope this is fully settled.



    Hi @joelwsmith84, glad to hear that you’re no longer experiencing this issue!

    I want to note that the issue you were experiencing (not being able to properly upload .heic photos from the iOS app) has been resolved in version 23.3.

    When you deleted then re-downloaded the app, it’s likely that you updated to the most recent version, which contains the fix for the bug you mentioned in your original post.

    Thanks for reporting this issue, and being part of the WordPress community!

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