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  • morley555


    I run a blog which I need to upload 1,000 of images daily across many different posts.

    What I want to do:-
    Create all my posts for the day in different browser tabs.
    Queue up all the image uploads on each post.
    Leave it to upload all of the images without me having to do it post by post.

    Problems and Observations:
    1) I’ve noticed even with 20+ tabs open… wordpress will only allow 2 uploads at once – this isn’t a problem
    2) After 60 seconds the I/O error comes up on all uploads that the queue hasn’t got to.

    Only uploading 2 images at a time seems sensible so it’s the I/O error that’s the problem as I see it.. and I think it’s something to do with a timeout of 60 seconds

    What I have tried so far:
    1) I’ve changed all the timeouts in the core WP install, specifically the ones set to 60,
    2) I’ve change the time out settings in php.ini and httpd.conf including the default_socket_timeout.

    This hasn’t stopped the 60 second I/O.

    If any1 knows what I need to edit, change to allow me to queue up 1000’s of images over many posts so I can leave it to get on with it without further imput from me until finished and ready to publish…. I will love you forever

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  • kkarpieszuk


    i think you should write php script which will do this in loop (and change time limits at server). look at function wp_insert_post and wp_insert_attachment

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