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  • sadish


    I am immensely pleased with the version 2.0 of my ShadedGrey theme.

    Let me try to list the new features that this version has.

    • Improved the overall ‘Look and Feel’
    • Tested OK with both WP 1.5 and WP 2.0
    • Includes an Archives Page Template
    • Includes a Contact Page Template
    • Displays a list of Recent Comments on the home page
    • Displays a list of Recent Posts on all pages other than the home page
    • Provides automatic Page Navigation
    • Includes category.php, date.php, search.php for unique display for category listing, viewing monthly archive and for viewing search results.

    and much more for you to explore !

    and all of this with No Plugins to Install !

    I would like to invite you to try this theme on your blog.
    Please visit . Your theme is awaiting !


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  • Samuel B




    and a Live Preview is made available at




    Any takers on this ?



    Didn’t have time to look at it today, but finally found a minute or two. I like the lay-out and colors, don’t like the navigation bar all the way at the top ( I think it looks better here : but this is personal) and apparently viewing in FF the sidebar hit’s the bottom (installed it in a test url with no images) maybe the last part is something to look at.

    Overall a theme I would use 🙂



    Thanks caramellamorbide.
    I had corrected the sidebar issue and uploaded the theme again.

    I was trying a lot of different top nav bar styles and finally settled on this. i will try some more.

    Thanks again.

    I also like the colors and the graphics on this theme. Got a question tho.
    I’ve loaded this theme on two separate blogs. I liked it when I loaded it at So I loaded it again on and on
    In the first one I get RSS feed info in the header bar.. and on the second it’s gone. Code looks the same in Header file.
    Got any ideas?

    I looked at the view source on the second site, and is not having the feed links. are you sure you have it in header.php ?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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