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  1. inTOWN
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there,

    It looks like a very promising plugin, but like others here in the forum, I can't get it to work.

    • I am on WordPress 3.7.1
    • Self made template
    • Not getting any jQuery/Javascript errors
    • I do see "XHR finished loading: "`http://www.spijkerbroek.me/jeansonline/replay/?callback=po_onsuccess&popove…spijkerbroek.me%2Fjeansonline%2Freplay%2F&active_popover=0&_=1384136124229". jquery.js:9597
      send jquery.js:9597
      b.extend.ajax jquery.js:9597
      po_load_popover popover-load-custom.js?ver=3.7.1:102
      po_selectiveLoad popover-load-custom.js?ver=3.7.1:121
      b.event.dispatch jquery.js:9593
      v.handle jquery.js:9273`" in console.
    • I have no conditions active (but I tried before to see if that would help, but it doesnt);
      http://www.spijkerbroek.me/wp-content/plugins/wordpress- popup/popoverincludes/js/popover-load-custom.js?ver=3.7.1 is loaded without problems
    • Using jQuery v1.9.1

    The only thing I can't seem to find is any CSS? Might that be the problem?


  2. Hi @inTOWN,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    Can you just share me your site link where you are using WordPress PopUp so that i can troubleshoot it?

    Can you just try using different Pop Over loaded method from the Pop Over Settings which you will find in the path Admin -> Pop Overs -> Settings

    Best Regards,

  3. inTOWN
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm well thank you :-) Hope you are to0.

    Sorry, the site link is http://www.spijkerbroek.me.
    You might find another popup/under there, but that's a jquery driven one that I had de-activated to test your plugin.

    Tried different methods like:
    'after 1 second', different styles, different conditions, but it makes no difference.

    According to console, it did load, but it's not to be seen, also not in the HTML.

  4. Hi @inTOWN,

    Thanks for reply.

    I checked your site http://www.spijkerbroek.me and found that the html code of pop over is not getting added in page as you have already confirmed.

    Have you tried different Pop Over loading method as said in previous reply?

    Can you just try using different Pop Over loading method from the Pop Over Settings which you will find in the path Admin -> Pop Overs -> Settings

    Check the screenshot here http://i.imgur.com/99g5ONa.png

    Best Regards,

  5. IlseS
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have the exact same problem and change the settings but it is not working either. On one page it works:http://www.nihankara.org/internship/enrollment-form/ on another page http://www.nihankara.org/stagebegeleiding/inschrijfformulier-stage-turkije/?lang=nl it doesnot work with the exact same conditions.

  6. Hi @IlseS

    Thanks for your question.

    Just make sure you have not set On specific URL codition for the Pop over.

    Can you just share me screenshot of pop over settings that you have set for this pop over http://www.nihankara.org/internship/enrollment-form/

    Best Regards,

  7. inTOWN
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there, sorry for my late reply.
    Thanks for pointing out those settings for me... I hadn't seen these settings > i have put them on loading in footer and everything seems fine now.
    Thanks a lot and sorry for not seeing it myself!

  8. Vinod Dalvi
    WPMU DEV Support Staff
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi @inTOWN,

    Thanks for replying and telling us that it works.


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