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  • so i searched around and couldn’t find much.

    Is there a plugin for WordPress that would allow content management? Say for example that I want to create a movie review blog. I want to be able to make a post and then have a database with entries for the movie rating, release date, genre, etc. Then when people visit my website I can list all the movies I have review and then when they click on a movie it brings them to a “post” that will not only display the review – but also display the other info like rating, release date, genre, etc.

    Anyone know?


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  • You don’t need a plugin for this.
    Put your movie reviews in a post, and you can use custom fields for the other data.

    are custom fields searchable ? (i.e. when a person enters terms the the default wordpress search form)

    also, if you have a ton of posts, with custom fields (say for rating)…how would you then say list all movies rated PG13 ?


    Best WP CMS plugin ever (formerly known as Custom Write Panel…now with new developers it’s known as FreshPost):

    I would have to agree.
    Custom write panel is amazing. Didn’t know freshpage existed. Thanks for posting!

    I “accidentally” stumbled on FreshPost few days ago. I almost cried of happiness 🙂 So I am happy to share my enthusiasm.
    I’m already using it on one project and it works like a charm. Whatever I needed for WP as a CMS is there.

    Forgot to mention… use it with Role Manager plugin
    and you’ll get a real CMS.

    Actually, for moving ratings and all that, you could probably consider the Star Rating for Reviews plugin. It uses custom fields, but provides a very good interface and back-end for displaying a list of reviews etc. You could potentially have a sortable table as well!

    I’m glad new developers took over the development of Custom Write Panel. It was very stable and worked extremely well, but alas was no longer being updated for 2.3+.

    I decided to use FreshPost (Custom Write Panel).

    It is amazing and just does EXACTLY what I need! Few questions though. I tried looking at the tables it created and looking at the get() function. It looks like it just throws all the data into one postmeta table. This is nuts! I guess it searches by postID.

    What I want to do is say this, if a field is rating (I have G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). I want to then be able to have a page that shows ALL movies rated G, for example.

    I tried to start coding this and got really lost. I guess I can run The Loop for every single post, then use if statements to display or not display posts that have a G rating – but any other easier way to do this?

    Interesting. I’ll need this functionality too… so if someone comes with a nice solution —> welcome 😉

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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